Birthday Cookies & Cakes

Birthday Cookies & Cakes

All our cakes are wheat free; we use fresh salmon/Liver baked for the two tiers, then in between them they have yoghurt salmon/liver spread with some of our biscuits crumbed inside),

Coated with Cream cheese/yoghurt salmon/liver for icing. You can freeze these cakes; please take the skins or liver off before.

WE USE NO COLOURS/SUGARS/DYES, and all the ingredients are Australian even down to the cake box! 

These are a bit different than most dog cakes; we are thinking more about the dog taste's and they pass with flying colours. We do Need at least five days notice for booking these Cakes. Depending on the area there may be a small delivery charge. Or You can Pick up from us.

Please fill in the form below, and we will get back to you.  * We will send a confirmation of the cake booked.  *WE CAN NOT POST ( THESE CAKES ARE FRESH AND CHILLED ) *ingredients * Grain-free flour, eggs, Salmon or Liver, Cream Cheese and yoghurt, coconut oil Cakes are $35.00

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